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Horticulture Branch


The objectives of this branch are:

  • To develop & Maintain the green areas of CBM
  • To introduce the acclimatized hardy verities of plants in garrison to minimize the climatic harshness of Multan
  • To provide the public parks, open spaces & other civic horticulture facilities to the residents of Cantonments at their door step.
  • To arrange the mega floral events twice a year in Cantonment to provide healthy & recreational activity to Cantt residents specially & Multan generally.

Area Distribution:

Distribution of area under responsibility consists of Parks, Green Belts and Nursery The break up of area is as follows:
  • Parks & Nursery (29.238 Acres)
  • Cantt Garden (19.898 Acre)
  • Lalak Jan Park (2 Acre)
  • Shah Rukn-e-Alam Ladies Park (0.14 Acre)
  • (A-1 Land) Parks
  • Muzaffar Park (2 Acre)
  • Yadgar-e-Shuhda (4 Acre)
  • Nursery (2 Acre)
  • Roads & Road Side Burms (50.35 Acre)


Cantt Garden

This is historical & well maintained Garden Comprising of (19.098 Acre). Many facilities are provided in this park like
  • Jogging Track
  • Ladies & Men Gym
  • Mini Zoo
  • Artist Corner (heaving line)
  • Basic performance 6 days / week evening hrs)
  • Reading Hall
  • Cafeteria
  • Children Play area
  • Beautiful big grassy lawns & state of art water features

Lalak Jan Park

Small beautiful park on Qasim road & Nasim Hayat road junction.
  • Walking track
  • Children play area
  • Grassy lawns & water feature

Afzal Muzaffar Park

It is Small Park on Langrial road.
  • Children play area
  • Grassy lawns & water feature

Shah Rukn-e-Alam Ladies Park

The Khattna is low congested area of Cantt. The purpose of this park was to develop a mini park for ladies of such area, which have no green space in their small homes. This park is provided best open place for these deprived ladies.
  • Children play area
  • Grassy lawns & water feature

Yad Gar-e- Shuhda

This magnificent monument was funded by HQ2 Corps for development. This was joint project of CBM & Eng 313. Horticulture work of this Yad Gar-e-Shuhda is now maintained by CB Horticulture branch.

Mega Events

Cantonment Board Multan arranges following Mega events each year.
  • Spring Tree Plantation Campaign
  • Monsoon Tree Plantation Campaign
  • Annual Spring Flower Show
  • Annual Chrysanthemum Show
Spring Tree Plantation This campaign is held from 3rd week of Feb to 1st Week of March every year. Cantonment residents are provided saplings free of cost. Monsoon Tree Plantation
  • It held 1st week of August every year
Annual Spring Flower Show
  • It is usually organized at end of March every year from 57 years.
  • It become a major spring festivity for floral lovers of Cantonment & Multan residents.
Annual Chrysanthemum Show
  • It is arranged during 2nd 3rd week of December.
  • It is single exhibition in whole Multan which is held in autumn season.